Often, exposure to heavy metals are from our environmental pollutants in the air, water, and food sources.


evaluation and purification

Heavy metals are not water soluble and are deposited in the fat tissue, including the central nervous system.  Heavy metal overload can cause reduction in contractility of the heart muscle and may be a possible underlying cause of dilation of heart muscle, which can cause conduction defects such as arrhythmias or seizure, or cause discoloration or hyper pigmentation of the skin.  It can lead to allergies where you may not be able to wear nickel jewelry or develop gingivitis.  Heavy metal toxicity can be underlying cause of many disease processes especially neurological problems including tremors, neuropathy, abnormal sensation, reduced palpation, reduced sense of smell, ringing in the ears, and likely associated with bone mass loss.  Heavy metal loads can be measured.  We use a ligand or chelating substance that forms a compound with heavy metals and makes it water soluble, which, in turn can be measured.

A chelating agent is chosen, and it is taken either orally or by an injection or perfusion intravenously. Then urine is collected for 6 to 24 hours.  A sample of that total urine is sent to laboratory specializing on measurement of heavy metals and reported. The total sum of the heavy metals found on this exercise represents the total body load of different types of toxic heavy metals. 

If you have had less than perfect detoxification mechanism in your body or have been exposed to heavy metals, then the level of some of the harmful metals would be elevated.

This is where an expert physician distinguishes the symptoms of disease and the relativity of the results associated with the symptoms.  After evaluation and diagnosis, the therapeutic modalities are taken and gradually, the patient is purified and detoxified of these harmful substances. 

As a physician, I have seen many so-called Idiopathic or unknown causes of disease to be resolved after the removal of toxic heavy metal substances and revitalizing body.  I have seen patients with chronic joint pain gradually normalize with therapies. Stiff arterial systems regain their elasticity and high blood pressure resolve.

Many exposures to heavy metals are from our environmental pollutants in the air, water, and food sources. Also, dental fillings can be a portion of our exposures.  Treatment is variable depending on the severity of overload and types of heavy metals that your body has accumulated over time. 

To be evaluated for Heavy Metal Toxicity and Chelation Therapy for your individualized needs...