An integrative medical and wellness clinic that encompasses all aspects of your health, mind, body, and spirit

Our mission

Harbor Medical Clinic and Wellness Center is dedicated to integrating the highest standard of integrative, complementary, and alternative medicine to treat not just disease but also to prevent it. It is our mission to serve, empower, and partner with you, our patients, to create a new paradigm of patient-centered health care. We are dedicated to furthering evidenced based research and education in Integrative Medicine.

Our goal

Harbor Medical Clinic and Wellness Center fosters health and inspires wellness in all areas of our patients' lives.

Our values

Integrity- We hold ourselves to a high standard of knowledge and quality.

Compassion- We recognize distress and respond with warmth and kindness.

Sincerity- We genuinely want to help and will go above and beyond expectations.

Dignity- We believe every person deserves respect and reliable healthcare.

Optimism- We encourage hope and inspire confidence.

Ingenuity- We find a way.