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    Welcome toHarbor Medical Clinic and Wellness Center

    Harbor Medical Clinic and Wellness Center is a Medical clinic that encompasses all the aspects of your health and wellness. We provide superior treatment as well as preventative measures for chronic diseases with your health and well-being as our center of focus. We hold ourselves to the highest quality of medicine, and we teach you to live with a perfect balance between nutrition, activity, stress control, and beneficial modalities to help revive your body's innate ability to heal.

    Harbor Medical uses medical therapies that have shown evidence of safety and effectiveness. This scientifically rooted concept is now taking wide form, with more and more institutions teaching the practice of Medicine.

    At Harbor Medical Clinic and Wellness Center, we strive to provide patients with the complete care they need. We believe in whole-body wellness and implement the safest, most effective treatment to enhance patients’ overall health. Optimizing general health through leading technology and positive behavioral changes allows more patients to improve and maintain their overall health.

    Dr. Sima Mirhashemi, D.O. is a dual diplomat and a fellow of the ABIHM and National Board of Physician and Surgeons in Internal Medicine. She is committed to the evaluation of patients' physiological state while incorporating their way of life, behavioral patterns, environmental state, and genetic predisposition in their body's physiological function before building a treatment plan.

    Call us at 1-949-551-1234 to schedule an appointment or learn more, and begin the steps toward optimizing your health.

    Our Team

    Our team strives to provide patients with top-tier quality health care through safe, effective, comfortable treatment. Dr. Mirhashemi and the team are dedicated to supporting and healing our patients through a comprehensive approach to medicine. With a patient-centered approach, we partner with our patients to create individualized, unique treatment plans to overcome their illnesses and optimize their health. Our clinic and wellness center offers the highest standard of complementary and beneficial medicine within our power to prevent and treat various diseases. We can help patients understand and implement good home practices and lifestyle habits supplementing in-office treatment.

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    Our Services

    Our primary goal at Harbor Medical Clinic and Wellness Center is to provide top-tier, high-quality healthcare in a comfortable setting. We provide services that cater to all individuals, regardless of age, ethnicity, or gender. Your healthcare journey starts with an initial consultation consisting of a full physical examination, vital check, and follow-up appointment to discuss test results and curate a custom treatment plan. We focus on overall health and wellness, including the treatment and prevention of disease, disease and pain management, and therapeutic treatments through science and natural medicine. Our services include stem cell therapy, hydration therapy, diabetes treatment, heavy metal detoxification and purification, skin lightening rejuvenation, post-COVID relief therapy, and more. Once we complete the initial evaluation, we can determine the treatments a patient requires.

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    Patient Information

    Here at Harbor Medical Clinic and Wellness Center, we value our patients’ trust and strive to build a strong patient-provider relationship that goes beyond basic care. Prior to any diagnosis or treatment, we schedule a consultation appointment to get to know the patient and assess their current condition. We will need to collect the patient’s medical history, current condition, health insurance coverage, allergies, and any other relevant data. During the consultation, we will check vitals and conduct a physical examination. Finally, we will curate a customized treatment plan based on the patient’s unique needs, consisting of their required medications, treatments, procedures, lifestyle modifications, and any other recommendations.

    Patient Information