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    First Visit and Exam

    With all medical evaluations, patients arrive to the appointment at the clinic. We begin the visit by gathering chronological history to find the predisposing factors and possible exposures that can lead to your imbalance of health. After we learn about your past medical history, surgical history, family history, occupational exposures, diet, exercise, over the counter substances, and prescription medications, we will learn about your symptoms and perform a thorough physical examination. Afterwards, laboratory and diagnostic testing can be performed, which often includes a blood test, a stool analysis, a food allergy analysis, a hormonal status evaluation, and heavy metal testing.

    Follow Up Visits

    Follow-ups can be performed by appointments either in person or over the phone. On the follow up appointments we will review all of the lab results and diagnostic testing that were performed together. At the end of the visit, we will review a plan for optimizing your health by modifying diet, activity, and supplement therapies by starting treatments that suit you and your lifestyle.

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