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Regardless of age, as partners in health care, we understand that health is a wonderful and complex state of being affected by the body, mind, and spirit

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    Weight Loss Program

    In the weight loss program, patients can be evaluated by history, physical and laboratory testing, and the 10 body parameters measured weekly by a specified monitoring device. This program is a collaborative effort using the body's composition analysis and specialized nutrition and diet consultation.

    Utilizing a scientific high tech health monitoring device which gives us 10 parameters about your Body Composition and Health Status:

    1. Body Weigh
    2. BMI (Body Mass Index)
    3. Total body fat percentage
    4. Muscle percentage
    5. Bone percentage
    6. Visceral Fat
    7. BMR (Base Metabolic Rate)
    8. Metabolic age
    9. Protein Percentage
    10. Water Percentage (Hydration level)

    Our patients may also be evaluated for hormonal imbalances and the need for hormone replacement therapy that could include thyroid, HCG, and HGH therapies. Our patient’s behavioral patterns, diet, exercise, and triggering mal-behaviors are identified. Support groups and patient educators are seen on a weekly basis for weight checks, vital checks, and discussions on their obstacles and triumphs. As patients progress with weight loss, the need for medication may be reduced and ultimately eliminated. Prescription medications are adjusted to include diabetic medications, insulin dose adjustment, and anti-hypertensive medications. Modification for medications and these recommendations will take place under an expert doctor's care. During the treatment periods, should patients need support with HCG treatment or B12 injections, it can be discussed with the supervising physician.

    To be evaluated for the Physician Supervised Weight Loss Program and for your individualized needs…

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