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Frequency specific micro-current can be used to treat chronic and acute pain conditions.

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    Bio-electric therapy is a new technology used to improve nerve, muscle, and glandular imbalances. It is used in anti-aging and cosmetic protocols along with stress management and reducing anxiety. Bio-electric therapy uses a low current on tissues and conditions to create beneficial changes in symptoms of disease and to balance health.

    Frequency Specific Micro-current (FSM) is a type of bio-electric therapy that dramatically increases the body's ability to heal and repair itself. Our body is electrically generator as we measure many of physical data by quantifying electricity produced by our body. For example, checking electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is a test that checks the electrical activity of your heart. Superimposing optimized low current or micro-current electrical impulses mimics the body’s optimal electrical current and accelerates the body’s capacity to heal itself.

    Injured tissue has a different electrical pattern than healthy tissue. Micro-current energy is specific to the optimal tissue frequency and when super imposed on the injured frequency, resonates the optimal frequency, is absorbed by that tissue, and used to accelerate recovery.

    Water is conducting the electrical current in our body. Individuals receiving FSM need to be well hydrated. Drinking 1 quart of water before and after FSM and taking a good quality antioxidant supplement can improve effects of the conduction.

    Frequency specific micro-current can be used to treat chronic and acute pain conditions. It can be used for glandular balance to include adrenal fatigue and insulin production in the pancreas. FSM has also been helpful in nerve pain to include diabetic neuropathy and also post herpetic neuralgia.

    During FSM, four small flat pads, or electrodes, are placed on the appropriate skin site depending on what we are treating. The low current, or micro currents, are applied. The currents move through the skin without any pain into the injured tissue and help accelerate the healing process. Mild tingling or vibrating sensations can be experienced regularly. Each session is always tailored to suit the needs of the individual and typically takes 30-60 minutes.

    The number of therapy sessions depends on each person's condition and response to treatment. Therapy usually begins with about five sessions and no more than 2 per day. A normal treatment protocol is about 16 to 20 treatments.

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