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Short for Very Small Embryonic-Like regenerative cells, VSEL treatment can help treat various autoimmune diseases and musculoskeletal conditions. VSEL injections also provide a range of benefits, including reduced inflammation, fighting aging effects, and improved injury symptoms. Additionally, VSELs offer a more ethical and effective treatment option for cell regeneration. Many patients notice improvement within the first few days of treatment.

At Harbor Medical Clinic and Wellness Center, we offer VSEL treatments for patients suffering from an autoimmune disease, have undergone injury, or have an underlying health condition producing degenerative effects. Our team can help you combat these effects and improve your overall health. To learn more about a procedure or schedule an appointment, call 1-949-551-1234 today.

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    What are VSELs?

    VSELs, also known as V-cells, are short for Very Small Embryonic-Like regenerative cells. These types of cells are pluripotent, meaning they can transform or be manipulated into any type of cell in the body. VSELs are found in every human body, but their versatility makes them indispensable in the field of regenerative medicine.

    VSELs have the ability to replicate, multiply, and become any other cell in the human body. Unlike embryonic stem cells, VSELs are found in infants, children, and adults. Therefore, they offer an ethical, more effective solution for patients with degenerative conditions or diseases.

    Treatable Conditions

    VSEL treatment falls under the umbrella of regenerative medicine in a subfield called “cellular therapy." Regenerative medicine revolves around replacing damaged or diseased tissues and organs with a focus on treating the symptoms. Cellular therapies involve harvesting adult cells into the site of diseased or damaged tissue to repair or replace them with new, functioning cells.

    According to The Institute of Regenerative Medicine, VSELs have powerful healing properties and show promise in treating autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus, and ankylosing spondylitis, among others. Medical professionals also use VSELs to treat osteoporosis, which can be considered an autoimmune disease, and various other musculoskeletal conditions.

    Benefits of VSEL Treatment

    Benefits vary drastically with VSEL treatment as each patient has a unique cause of inflammation or degeneration depending on their condition. Patients have commonly reported decreased joint pain, increased energy, improved metabolic function, and improved cognitive function. VSEL treatment has also been found to repair injured and dysfunctional myocardium by improving cardiac structure and function. VSEL injections can help in the healing of various musculoskeletal injuries, such as tendonitis. Finally, VSELs help combat damage caused by diabetes, even helping repair the pancreatic cells that produce insulin.

    VSELs are also known as an “anti-aging" treatment. These cells secrete telomerase, an enzyme that restores the DNA telomere ends. Telomeres can be seen as a cell’s aging clock. By restoring telomeres, we create an anti-aging effect. Some patients described the result as “a shot of youth."

    The Treatment Process

    We begin any treatment with a consultation appointment where we conduct a thorough physical examination, run any necessary tests, and discuss the patient’s medical history, symptoms, and medications they currently take. Once we have an official diagnosis, the patient will come in for a follow-up visit to discuss the results and possible treatment options.

    VSEL treatment typically follows this process:

    • Collect a blood or bone marrow sample
    • Separate VSELs from other cells using state-of-the-art cellular processing technology
    • Once isolated, expose VSELs to extremely cold temperatures, which stimulates hypothermia and activates VSELs
    • Combine the VSELs with powerful growth factors harvested from the patient’s blood or bone marrow sample
    • Return the active VSELs into the patient’s bloodstream through an IV

    The effects of VSEL treatment begin almost immediately as they enter the bloodstream. Patients may notice improved symptoms, including reduced inflammation and pain, as soon as two days following the procedure. In some cases, a full recovery may take up to 6 months. We will continue to monitor the patient's progress and make alterations as needed.

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    VSEL treatments and consultations are available at our office. The Harbor Medical Clinic and Wellness Center team looks forward to treating you and helping improve your symptoms. Call our office at 1-949-551-1234 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

    Frequently Asked Questions About VSEL Treatment

    What is VSEL treatment?

    VSEL treatment uses VSELs, Very Small Embryonic-Like regenerative cells, to replace or repair damaged tissues, cells, and organs. The treatment involves VSEL injections similar to IV therapy. The cells begin working as soon as they enter the bloodstream.

    How long does VSEL treatment take?

    The procedure itself typically takes three days, including preparation and collection of the blood or bone marrow sample. Depending on the patient's case, the IV portion of treatment may take 30 minutes to a few hours. The effects of treatment can take up to six months for some patients, while others see results as soon as two days following the procedure.

    What is Regenerative Medicine?

    Regenerative medicine encompasses a wide array of treatments and procedures dedicated to replacing or repairing damaged or diseased tissues and organs. VSEL treatments, along with Cartilage Regeneration, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment, and Prolotherapy, fall under regenerative medicine.

    How does VSEL treatment work?

    We begin by determining the cause and site of your affected tissue, cell, or organ. We will then collect a blood or bone marrow sample and use that with the stimulated VSELs acquired in the lab. VSEL treatment is delivered to the bloodstream via IV. The VSELs then do the work

    What conditions can VSEL treatment treat?

    VSEL treatment can help treat various autoimmune diseases, musculoskeletal conditions, and effects from injuries. Conditions treated through VSELs include Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus, ankylosing spondylitis, and osteoporosis, among others.

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